Most EXPENSIVE Houses of Famous Actress

Most EXPENSIVE Houses of Famous Actress

Besides being considered the most famous actresses in the world these are the highest paid women in film industry who have enough money to buy everything they want but have you ever stopped to wonder about just what these celebrities resonances are like in this article you will learn about the most luxurious Mansions of Hollywood actresses.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a celebrity who loves to buy and sell high-end real estate as soon as she married after Ryan Reynolds. Scarlett bought a residence known as Wong house in the Los Feliz Hills in Los Angeles the resort style property was built in 1969 and is 2800 square feet the entrance hall leads to the living room which has a modern yet cozy design the dining area is to the side while the open kitchen has worktops for meal preparation great quality furniture and a stunning view of the garden there are 3 bedrooms in the property among them the suite with a built-in wooden wall cupboard which integrates a private bathroom as an elegant soaking top the residence also features a large modernized games room as well as a dedicated Cinema and a residential gym something that stands out in this residence are at several glass doors which allow for easy movement between the rooms. Besides bringing natural light to the internal space during the day outside meanwhile there is a beautiful lawn on the 19600 square foot lot with a large pool in the garden and wooden decks near the glass walls in addition the property becomes more sophisticated at dusk thanks to the lighting system introduced on site which creates a pleasant atmosphere to rest in the outdoor areas. Scarlett Johansson bought the property with her ex-husband for two million eight hundred thousand dollars and after the divorce she sold the estate for three million five hundred thousand dollars.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie doesn’t give up comfort and sophistication when it comes to choosing a home it is speculated that Margot Robbie owns a Seaside vacation home located near Byron Bay Australia where the actress can live surrounded by beautiful natural scenery the residence has white walls and several glass windows which bring a sense of lightness in everyday life the place features living rooms an open dining area and a kitchen with sophisticated Furnishings there are also three cozy bedrooms two luxurious bathrooms and other accommodations on the outside the house has a wooden deck with an outdoor dining area being just a few minutes from the beach in addition Marco has access to the enclave’s other amenities such as an infinity edge pool and sports courts according to rumors the actress purchased a vacation home in 2018 for three million nine hundred thousand dollars.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is a celebrity who has an impressive real estate record one of the properties she has was built in modern style in 1954 being 3 700 square feet in area and having a clean design that brings more Serenity to the interior rooms among the rooms in the Mansion are a beautiful living room with a fireplace an office overlooking the Terrace a formal dining room a kitchen with high-end furnishings and a breakfast room off to the side the place also has four marble bathrooms with L ED lights and four luxurious Suites the main one with large glass windows outside there is a beautiful Terrace which includes a fireplace and a luxury pool for days of leisure Meryl Streep sold the property to former baseball player Alex Rodriguez for a reported 4 million eight hundred thousand dollars.

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot the Wonder Woman actress and her husband have a beautiful home in Hollywood Hills Los Angeles one of the most glamorous neighborhoods and where many celebrities reside the very contempor ary 4300 square foot property features large windows that offer great views of the city also contributing to the Landscaping of the residents. Entering the hall one can already see a large living room fully integrated with the outdoor area the house has a very clean and modern design with its furniture and paintings and Shades of gray beige and white giving tenderness to the environments. The main living room is integrated with the dining room with a table for eight people and also with the kitch en which has a cascading Marble Island and is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances. Another room right next door has a giant cozy couch to accommodate Gal Gadot for when she wants to relax and watch a movie. The hallway filled with art paintings leads to the five bedrooms and the five bathrooms of the residence in the master suite one can wake up to a beautiful sunrise and of course the bathroom in this room offers peaceful moments where one can enjoy the bathtub with panoramic views of the city as well as a hot and Powerful shower. A real luxury in order to have fun and host friends the outdoor area offers plenty of entertainment there’s a barbecue grill plenty of lounge chairs an infinity pool with a hot tub and even an open-air fireplace for the colder days in Los Angeles. At night, the property takes on an even more sophisticated look overlooking the city’s illuminated skyscrapers the place’s structure is truly impressive with it being the dream of any great Hollywood actor to own something similar Gal Gadot acquired the property in 2016 spending at the time almost six million dollars. The Wonder Woman has really made a great purchase.

Jennifer Lawrence –

Jennifer Lawrence is currently one of the most successful actresses and she owns some impressive real estate. She owns a luxurious home in Hidden Valley Estates an exclusive Beverly Hills Community where other celebrities also reside the French style property is situated on a lot filled with natural landscaping and this prope rty was once owned by Ellen Degeneres and Jessica Simpson. The site measures 5500 square feet in its interior environments include a living room with a fireplace a refined dining area and a gourmet kitchen with Chef’s Island which integrates a breakfast area the property also has large family rooms and five stunning bedrooms with the suite having a sitting area and a beautiful walk-in closet for the actress to store her luxury items outside there is a patio near the garden plus a Lily Pond with a fountain and a large heated swimming pool. According to some sources the actress purchased the residence in 2014 for around 8 million dollars.

Sandra Bullock –

Sandra is an assiduous buyer of real estate having vast plots of land under her name. In June 2018 bullet bought a beautiful home in Malibu California located facing the Pacific Ocean and being 3700 square feet in size. Originally built in the late 1970s the stilt house is a picturesque Seaside retreat with floor-to-ceiling Windows and sever al Terraces overlooking the beautiful beach sunsets. The house has a large living room connected to the other rooms such as the open concept kitchen with two marble cover islands and also the dining room the property has a total of four bedrooms and three bathrooms with the master suite offering a bathroom with panoramic ocean views and in order to have this residence always at her disposal for when she may want to take refuge after her intense work routine Sandra Bullock had paid 8 million five hundred thousand dollars.

Julia Roberts –

Julia Roberts is a successful celebrity and so she loves to invest her money in several houses. The actress Investments include a luxurious Oceanfront Mansion located in Hanalei Bay on the Paradise Island of Kauai Hawaii. The site is two acres in size with the main house being 3100 square feet in size in 2016 Julia Roberts sold the property to a television producer who then decided to sell it making it possible to get to know its cozy and sophisticated inter ior better with several rooms that have been remodeled since its construction. The main house features a living room bathed in natural light which integrates a luxury kitchen the residence also features seven bedrooms with its Master Suite having a balcony. Outside there is a dining table overlooking the garden ideal for enjoying the regional Breeze. There’s also a guest house and the property extends out to the beach according to Media reports Julia Roberts bought this vacation retreat in 2011 for 13 million three hundred and seventy five thousand dollars.

Dakota Johnson –

Dakota Johnson The newest house bought by the Dakota John was built in 1956 although it has been since modernized having gone through several Renovations it is 3500 square feet in area and has a two-car garage. Entering the living room it is possible to notice the rusticity of the rooms by their wooden floors and stone fireplaces the room is also surrounded by glass windows and has a piano as do all other residences of the actress the compact kitchen has warm colors a central island and modern furniture and appliances while the dining table is right next door among the mansion’s other spaces are four cozy bedrooms with one of the Suites possessing a private balcony in addition the house has three bathrooms a private office and a spacious media room for family gatherings. Outside the land is about 1. 5 acres in size offering beautiful ecological scenery that provides more tranquility and includes an infinity pool with an incredible view of the region the site also has a beautiful full on ideal for outdoor activities as well as spaces for social Gatherings the outside also has a patio for relaxing in front of the pool and a distant Greenhouse reserved for gardening activities you could say that this Mansion is done in the Dakota Johnson Style not only because of the room’s design but because it is surrounded by trees and a stunning Garden. According to some sources this property was purchased for 14 million dollars.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz when it comes to investing in a good place to live Cameron Diaz is an actress who doesn’t like to skimp out with her having a numerous real estate portfolio in late 2019 for example she and her husband decided to buy another beautiful mansion in the Beverly Hills area the property is on a spacious 1. 7 acre plot surrounded by trees which should provide much peace and quiet for the actress entering the property’s interior we can see that the rooms are very spacious and cozy the living room is for example an incredible swimming pool equipped with several water fountains which must be excellent for cooling off on sunny days and for when the actress wants to receive guests the estate also features a garage with space for up to 10 cars we can say that this place is an excellent refuge for those seeking privacy in contact with nature and of course to acquire this Mansion it must not have been cheap at all according to some sources it has been reported that Cameron Diaz and her husband rings and large glass windows that Overlook the beautiful pool entering the property the double height ceiling that extends throughout the room provides plenty of amplitude besides having a great lighting project that offers coziness to the rooms in this area there is also a beautiful Wine Cellar a giant dining table for up to 12 people as well as several areas with sofas and armchairs the kitchen with two islands and countertops for quick meals is well integrated with the outdoor area providing g several areas with game tables such as pool and impressive bowling area with two lanes a bar area to gather friends and make some good drinks a spacious and comfortable Cinema with a huge screen a spa room a dry sauna and a mini indoor basketball court for

Priyanka Chopra –

Priyanka Chopra and her husband Mick have decided to move into an even bigger and more luxurious mansion in order to live more comfortably located in Encino California the high-end Mansion sits on a spacious three acre lot surrounded by many trees and shrubs which provide a sense of well-being and privacy for the residents the impressive twenty thousand square foot home has its very modern facade with wood wall coverings and large glass windows that Overlook the beautiful pool entering the property the double height ceiling that extends throughout the room provides plenty of amplitude besides having a great lighting project that offers coziness to the rooms in this area there is also a beautiful Wine Cellar a giant dining table for up to 12 people as well as several areas with sofas and armchairs the kitchen with two islands and countertops for quick meals is well integrated with the outdoor area providing good air circulation and a beautiful view of the mountains plus there’s a support kitchen right beside it hidden inside the cabinets going up the stairs and passing through long walkway we arrive at the master suite which is one of the seven bedrooms in the Mansion the couple can also enjoy a balcony in their room with a spectacular view of the greenery the house has a total of 11 bathrooms including spacious areas with bathtubs and washrooms Leisure is guaranteed in this property with it having several areas with game tables such as pool and impressive bowling area with two lanes a bar area to gather friends and make some good drinks a spacious and comfortable Cinema with a huge screen a spa room a dry sauna and a mini indoor basketball court for when Priyanka Chopra wants to practice the sport not to mention that the house has a well-equipped gym and a quiet office the outdoor area is spectacular with many armchairs and lounge chairs to enjoy sunny days a beautiful infinity edge pool with a jacuzzi next to it an area with a fireplace for colder days and a large Grill to prepare good meals outside this Innovative and quite Exquisite Mansion was purchased by Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra in 2019 making it one of the most expensive real estate transactions in this region shelling out an impressive 20 million dollars.

Jennifer Aniston –

Jennifer Aniston is a very successful actress who has plenty of money to invest and decorate her various properties after all she is passionate about interior design the property where the artist currently lives is in the famous Bel Air neighborhood located on the west side of Los Angeles California the area is quite Prime and exclusive which attracts other celebrities and businessmen such as Beyonce and Elon Musk she purchased the 8500 square foot residence in 2011 and began making several changes to the architecture in order to incorporate more comfort in her own style to the decor the environments such as the living room have many glass windows that allow natural light to enter as well as offering some beautiful andscaping the house has a total of four bedrooms and six bathrooms with the master suite featuring a marble bath overlooking a garden speaking of gardens the property is completely surrounded by Green areas which allows greater contact with nature and also greater privacy the location of the land offers a privileged view of the city of Los Angeles at the time of purchase the actress paid the impressive figure of 20 million nine hundred thousand dollars on this mansion.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie to take a break from her hectic routine on the film sets Angelina Jolie likes to invest in luxurious Estates currently Jolie lives with her beloved six children in a beautiful estate in the upscale Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles the two-acre property filled with lots of greenery features and 1100 square foot manor house that was built in 1913 at the actress residence there are six Exquisite bedrooms an impressive 10 bathrooms a large library with shelving to the ceiling a well-planned kitchen with white furniture and a breakfast table a rustic Wine Cellar a gym with pool views a guest house that can also be used as a more private office and a beautiful pool area for warm days the artist has already said that what she likes most about the property is that there’s plenty of space for her to walk around and think with the estate having a very spacious backyard and the location seems to offer Angelina plenty of privacy as there are plenty of bushes and trees around the house the Mansion was bought in a location so that the children would be close to their father with the actress purchasing it in 2017 for the princely sum of 25 million dollars.

Sophia Vergara

Sophia Vergara is one of the highest paid actresses in the world and she sure does like to invest her money in luxurious real estate the actress and her husband Joe Manganiello own a large Mansion located in the exclusive Beverly Park Condominium in Beverly Hills Los Angeles Sophia’s incredible property is completely private with the main house being 17 100 square feet in size upon entering the Mansion it is possible to notice all the tiny details in the beautiful finishes which make the place like a real palace all that in addition to the paintings displayed on the walls and the high ceiling that gives a greater sense of spaciousness to the rooms the open living room has glass doors leading to the outside area the luxurious kitchen is in neutral colors and very high quality furniture and integrates a breakfast room the dining room meanwhile has a lush chandelier while the spacious Master Suite includes a cozy sitting area as well as a soaking tub and a luxurious walk-in closet for the actress in addition to the master suite the Mansion has five other Suites not to mention that there are 10 luxurious bathrooms the place also has other impressive environments such as an office overlooking the canopy another formal room with a fireplace and classical piano a bar in the main living environment a modern gym and even a lush theater with 12 seats outside meanwhile the Mansion sits on an 80 150 square foot lot boasting a well-kept lawn and plenty of natural Landscaping which create a tranquil atmosphere for Sophia to relax in when she’s off working in the frontal area there is a beautiful Fountain Plus a lush garden and a garage for four cars in the back there is a patio with a pool which offers several spaces to relax and have fun not to mention the Hut out front where there is a sitting area with a fireplace and televisions on the walls the property also has a sports court and a guest house in clean colors with equally luxurious accommodation according to Media reports Sophia and her husband purchased the mansion in 2020 for 26 million dollars

  • Scarlett Johansson: Owns a luxurious residence called Wong House in Los Angeles, featuring modern yet cozy design, three bedrooms, a modernized games room, cinema, gym, large pool, and sophisticated lighting system. Purchased for $2.8 million and sold for $3.5 million after divorce.
  • Margot Robbie: Speculated to own a seaside vacation home near Byron Bay, Australia, featuring white walls, glass windows, living rooms, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, wooden deck, infinity edge pool, and sports courts. Purchased for $3.9 million in 2018.
  • Meryl Streep: Owns a modern style mansion built in 1954, spanning 3,700 square feet, with clean design, living room with fireplace, office, dining room, kitchen, four marble bathrooms, four suites, terrace, and luxury pool. Sold to Alex Rodriguez for $4.8 million.
  • Gal Gadot: Owns a contemporary 4,300 square foot property in Hollywood Hills, featuring large windows, modern design, five bedrooms, five bathrooms, spacious outdoor area with barbecue grill, lounge chairs, infinity pool, hot tub, and open-air fireplace. Purchased for nearly $6 million in 2016.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Owns a French-style property in Hidden Valley Estates, Beverly Hills, featuring living room, dining area, gourmet kitchen, family rooms, five bedrooms, Lily Pond, large heated swimming pool. Purchased for around $8 million.

(Note: The summary focuses on the actresses, their properties, and key details such as location, size, features, and purchase/sale prices.)

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